Must-Play Slot of the Week

Must-Play Slot of the Week

If there’s one thing that Cafe Casino is famous for – and there are many things in that category – it’s our smorgasbord of games.

We have tons of games to choose from on the menu. Are you into the classics? Order’s up for a 3-reel. A fan of modern? A 5-reel is barreling towards you. Want something totally off the charts and out of this world? Hang tight – because we’ve got the perfect video slot for you to sink your teeth into!

Instead of leaving you to rifle through the unfamiliar pile alone, we’ll help you out. Every single week, right here, you can see the greatest Cafe Casino online slots, highlighted and framed. A real chef’s special.

You may see something brand new. You may see the week’s most popular slots title. You’ll almost certainly see something grand or totally unique. What you will discover, week in and week out, is an unquestionably, no-doubt-about-it, absolutely-must–play slot.

And, you’ll get to know all the features and ways to win that make these online slots next-level great. You’re bound to leave with broader horizons and the inspiration to get out there and try it for yourself.

Do you have an appetite for fabulous games? Good! Let’s dig into our freshly featured slot online, which is…

July 14, 2023.

In the wildly creative Potion Spells slot, you are tasked with creating a magic, bubbling brew. You’ll use various ingredients that, when combined, produce a mesmerizing potion that prompts the creatures of the night to swirl in spooky delight.

A cauldron bubbles up with the ‘Potion Spells’ game logo from Cafe Casino overlaid, flanked by various game symbols, all set against a blue background.

Don’t mind that cackling in the background – it’s just the head witch cheerfully dishing out instructions while you collect the right symbols to conjure up a big 2×2 symbol to double your wins and tip over beakers.

Next to your brew station, you’ll find a cauldron steaming with mysterious green liquid. The progress bar feature, set on a perfectly square 7×7 grid, allows more and more symbols including mushrooms, eyeballs, frogs, and feathers to squeeze out their essence and help fill up the vials. Each time a vial pours its contents into the pot, a new slots feature is unlocked, and someone somewhere quite possibly turns into a frog! (Okay, maybe not that last part.)

The vials of featured wins you collect might lead to powerful surprises, such as Detonation, Promotion, Separation, or Reduction. The potency of these game features shall remain secret until you discover their highly profitable potions for yourself.

If you can fill all four vials at once, you’ll enter the Pot feature – the game’s bonus round – for some gigantic Wilds and potential to stir up some enchanting prizes.

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This Week: Wild Cash

July 7, 2023.

When was the last time a one-armed-bandit-style slot knocked on your door (with his only set of knuckles) and demanded to be spun? If you stopped to think, then the answer is “too long”. Thankfully, Wild Cash is here to give you a wild ride back in time with 3 reels, 3 rows, 5 paylines, and a bonus round with one single payline.

This classic online slot has everything you’d want from a tried-and-true game style: bright, cheery 7s, vibrant fruits, and one special Wild Cash symbol to shake things up. It’s a modern take on a no-nonsense setup, straight from the slot machine archives. There won’t be anything leaving you confuddled; there will be more than enough to leave you wowed.

The animated logo from the Cafe Casino slots game ‘Wild Cash’ is featured in neon, surrounded by three game symbols, set against a maroon background.

Three of the special Wild Cash bonus symbols trigger a bonus game where an old-school slot machine comes to life with 3 reels and 1 single row. When the reels settle down, a multiplier is awarded at random, anywhere from 1x all the way up to 999x.

With the sound effects of a bustling crowd lighting up the slot machines at a real-life casino, you’ll swear you can hear a gathering group of them cheering you on as you spin. If you want to give them some bang for your buck, jump the gun with the Buy Bonus feature. If you pay 80x your bet, you can skip ahead to the one-line bonus game. The crowd at the old-school casino goes buck wild!

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June 30, 2023.

It’s always time for a vacation, wouldn’t you say? If you’ve got a swimsuit handy, a beach towel, some oversized shades, and nothing to do but sink into a hammock and let the music take you over, then the Aloha King Elvis slot is going to rock your slotworld from the very first note.

This sunny, musically-inspired slot embraces the chilled-out vibes of summer, all from a private Hawaiian oasis in the year of nineteen-seventy-heaven. Aloha! But what’s this about a king?

A cartoon frog Elvis impersonator from the Cafe Casino online slots game Aloha King Elvis; slots symbols surround the logo.

There’s an Elvis impersonator roaming the beaches, and his elaborate costume almost hides the fact that he’s actually a big green frog. His rockstar face serves as your Wild symbol in this new online slot. Fans are tossing out gold coins, and catching six of them triggers a re-spin feature where you can win a Mega jackpot of 1,000x your stake.

If you’re invited to join Elvis in a party of free spins, you can choose to be the Special Guest with a giant 3×3 symbol – or, an attendee at the VIP Party with lower-value symbols removed from the reels.

Don’t worry about falling behind on the festivities, either. You can always use the Buy Bonus feature to jump ahead to the slots free spins party or the coin re-spin rendezvous. You can even use the Chance x2.5 feature to increase your bet and your chances to enter the bonus rounds, too. The party is just getting started.

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June 23, 2023.

Ripened, juicy fruits are growing on the reels of the Bonanza Billion slot. Your spins allow you to run through the soft green grass of the sunny landscape and collect as many plump prizes as you can muster.

With 6 reels and 5 rows of watermelons, lemons, cherries, oranges, and plums, this game screen is a constant dance of flavor over your tastebuds. A harp and piano accompanied by the musical stylings of chirping birds make exploring even more of a pleasant treat.

The logo from the Cafe Casino slots game, Bonanza Billion, in yellow, fun font, is set against a purple bubble. Above is a colorful pinwheel, and surrounding are four game symbols including a gold star, a green gem, a red ruby, and a ball with a lit fuse. Behind we see a two-tone red background.

There are no paylines on these fruit-filled hills. You win as long as you land the minimum number of matching symbols anywhere on the reels. When you do, the reels refill with new online slots symbols and more chances to win!

A pinwheel scatter can be found blowing over the emerald grass as well. At least four of them will whisk you away to the free spins round where a randomized multiplier bomb can award multipliers from 2x to 100x.

With such a joyful atmosphere, you just may feel inclined to taste the fruits of your labor sooner rather than later. In that case, just go ahead and purchase a round of free spins with the Bonus Buy feature. In doing so, you’ll get the highest RTP in the game and a slots free spins round on-demand!

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June 16, 2023.

Nothing lights up the local fairgrounds like a carnival; its sights and sounds are bright, chirpy, and excitable, and its heady aromas of sweet and savory treats will turn any moods. But what happens when you step on up to the game, win a few golden tickets, and discover that, beneath the carnival’s enticing cakes, candies, and donuts, was a creamy layer of cash?

The Candy Carnival slot is an extra-sweet spectacle, freshly rolled into town just to set itself up on your reels. A slice of cake, a cupcake, an ice cream cone, a donut, and a peppermint candy are all dolled up and showcasing their on-reel skills among the many booths. The large pink and white tent, all 6 reels and 4 rows of it, is packed to the brim with high-paying, good-time treats.

We see a circus tent top standing tall in red and white printed canvas panels, with lights streaming down the sides. In front, is the logo from the Cafe Casino slots game, Candy Carnival. The text, Candy, is written in fun bubbly font, while the word ‘carnival’ sits inside a vintage, circus-style sign with a red border. Surrounding it are lollipops with swirled candy patterns in green, purple and red. Behind, is a two-shaded red striped background.

But the whole event stops in its tracks when the greatest spectacle of all leaps onto your 40-paylines as the Wild. This Wild expands into 4 rows of cake dripping with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry goodness. It grows to show off every lovingly baked layer, replete with frosting and a good spouting off sprinkles as it covers the entire reel of this new online slot.

Even the golden tickets you win along the way take on their own starring role in the eye-candy show, awarding you up to 50 free, retriggerable spins. While all your senses are being dazzled by the carnival’s endless entertainment, you’ll hardly notice the walking Wilds, which expand and move a reel to the left for every free spin you land, until they are back at reel 1. It looks like you’re already the carnival’s official Reelmaster!

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Author: Ethan Ward